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I'm a natural skeptic who nevertheless believes that I can reclaim my sense of wonder with a short walk, random conversation, or mouse click.

I love "thick" descriptions, but love GIFs.

I'm fascinated by networked technologies and their impact on our lives, in ways both obvious and arcane.

My goal is to use the tools of brand strategy and experience design to help craft artful and effective products, services, and communications.

But I also aim to ensure that those same things are made with people, and the wider world, in mind.


Red Bull


Bolster sales among the "not-so-young" Red Bull drinker.


Research showed that although Red Bull's recent television advertising campaign was well-regarded by its core audience of teens and young adults, consumption flagged as they got older—particularly 25 to 34 year-olds. Conversations with people in this age range revealed that when it comes to energy drinks, they want a beverage that helps them tackle the important but unglamorous moments of their day. Many also felt alienated by the dramatically-filmed feats in Red Bull's communications. People don't just want to believe in their sources of energy—they want to identify with them, too. Our challenge was to convince these lapsed drinkers that Red Bull can transition into adulthood alongside them.


We needed to make Red Bull's special blend of drama and aspiration more dynamic by leveraging more tangible aspects of "adult" life without ignoring what makes the Red Bull brand so special. Our strategy? Empower people to achieve small-yet-epic wins.

Creative Idea

Team Extra-Ordinary. Celebrate the office athlete competing with—or against—her colleagues.

the abduction

An ordinary IT professional with an unnatural passion for badminton is whisked away to a secret location where he trains to beat his office rival.


People peek into our athlete's training regimen and get updates on his progress.


Fans are invited to train with our athlete IRL.

the showdown

Our athlete finally faces his nemesis in a livestreamed badminton match.

Team: Jeff DeGeorgia (AD); Temnete Sebhatu (CW); Steve Bayley (Planner); Lloyd Johnson (Planner)



Encourage people to make that extra spray.


Febreze wanted to find new growth opportunities among its current customers. Among those users, nearly a third use only one bottle anually. If each of those "light users" were to spray just an extra few ounces, Febreze could exceed its stretch goals that year. To get a better sense of what keeps people from using more, we dug into online chatter and reviews, as well as our own online survey. It became clear that many people often associate Febreze with the masking of unpleasant smells, people who aren't diligent cleaners, or particularly smelly emergencies. People were saving Febreze for only the worst situations.


Emphasize that being proactive makes it easier for people to "breathe happy."

Creative Idea

Don't let odor take over. Offer Febreze as the ideal solution to neutralize smells before they get worse.

Simple, versatile ads give people subtle reminders of the not-so-subtle smells that lurk in their favorite places.

Outdoor installations show just how nasty smells can get if people don't nip them in the bud with Febreze.

Team: Joe Russomano (AD); Ryan Paulson (CW); Nissa Ostroff (Planner); Lloyd Johnson (Planner)



Revive the bank's flagging reputation with its future customer base.


Citi's brand impression was suffering in the wake of the Great Recession. It began a major corporate responsibility campaign, but had yet to focus that message on its next generation of core customers. Research showed that "affluent emerging influentials" who were likely to be opinion and policy makers felt ambivalent about banks—they have an essential role in society, but people couldn't ignore the huge impact student loans and the financial crisis had in their daily lives. Despite these mixed feelings, Millennials remain fundamentally optimistic about their financial futures.


We saw an opportunity to not just feed our audiences' optimism, but to provoke action in a way that acknowledged their ambition. We challenge them to take ownership of the future.

Creative Idea

Citi can help you with the little things on the way to the big things. Citi's global reach and expertise isn't limited to people in the C-suite. Citi's continues to innovate the banking experience to put your ideas into action, however small, and will be there for you as your ideas get even bigger.

From the Economist and GOOD Magazine to MTV.com, our message lives in places Millennials respect as legitimate news and cultural resources.

We also harness the power of crowdfunding to help Millennials who are working to make their dreams a reality. Citi creates a curated Kickstarter page showcasing a selection of 20 projects.

Page visitors vote on and share their favorites. The five highest vote-getters receive funding from Citi to supplement their Kickstarter fundraising goal.

Team: Joe Russomano (AD); Ryan Paulson (CW); Nissa Ostroff (Planner); Lloyd Johnson (Planner)


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